Personal Training in Brighton & Hove

Home, office and outdoor training



Personal Training

  • Fat burn and weight loss
  • Muscle tone and sculpting
  • Core and strength building
  • Cardio and Aerobic training
  • Flexibility training
  • Speed and agility improvement

At DS FIT, we offer a wide range of different exercise types, guaranteed to be safe, challenging, but effective.

We assess all our clients individually and build bespoke programmes that will help you achieve your goals in as short-a-time possible.

We offer training for individuals, pairs and groups of three or more people.


Injury rehabilitation

Have you been injured and you need help recovering in a safe and effective way? We can help!


Ante & post-natal exercise

Are you either pregnant or have recently given birth, and you’d like to stay in shape as safely as possible or lose some of that baby fat? Then we can also help!


Nutritional counseling

Do you struggle with the nutritional aspect of your lifestyle, or need some guidance on what or what not to eat? Get in touch!


Sport/event-specific training

Do you play sport and wish to excel at it, or have you got an event coming up that requires you be as fit as possible for (perhaps Warrior Run or a marathon?) Again, we can help!